Make a Wish

4 October 2009

Oct 20 – Nov 14, 2009MakeaWish

Lowell, MA — Video, sculpture & sound installation.

Canadian sculptor and multi-media artist Denise Dumas investigates boundaries and identity. As an immigrant, she is keenly aware of the borders and intersections of cultural, social and political interaction. Dumas believes that reality changes according to the environment and social context that we inhabit. She finds that current economic ills and political fears have created an insidious climate of insecurity that permeates our daily lives. Dumas’ video installation is a metaphor for this troubled climate, her stormy environment mirroring the unsettling times in which we live.

A three-channel video projection, Make A Wish combines images of thunderstorms and water with an accompanying soundtrack of voiced concerns to envelop the gallery in an electrical storm of uncertainty.  Watery surfaces spill with a myriad of visions that form a layered collage of contemporary troubles. Mixing real and virtual imagery, Dumas creates multiple points of view that redefine domestic, political, ecological, social, and economic ideas.

Dumas–” My work addresses psychologically charged situations, while exploring the language and its inventive uses, to visually translate aspects of human behavior and consciousness. This takes form in the metaphorical situations I create, in which I either perform, film, or use my sculptures as theatre or as actors.”

Dumas installation is intended to empower us by eliciting our resolve in the face of real and conjured threats. Like the artist, we are to summon our own sense of individual identity as a rudder to navigate through confusing circumstances and environments.

Reception Saturday October 24, 3- 6 pm

Hours: Tue-Sat, 12 noon-5 pm.

119 Chelmsford Street Lowell, MA  01851



3 Responses to “Make a Wish”

  1. JIM VAN EMAN said

    Hello Denise,
    really pleased to see that you have a new work on exhibit. do wish I could be in the midst of that show and experience it. would be fun, and probably disturbing. Jim

  2. Jim Dyment said

    I thoroughly enjoyed your artist talk on Saturday, November 14th at 119 Gallery. (a few minutes ago) I wish I could have stayed longer but had to go back to work. The concept of being an immigrant and feeling handicapped is something I deal with a lot, having an immigrant for a partner. It means more to me now than ever. (since issue 31 on my webite) I think this applies to so many people in this country – especially with the way things are now. Great work!

  3. dumastudio said

    Hi Jim, I just found your comment… Thank you for coming to the talk, and for sharing your thoughts. I wish I had a chance to talk with you.


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