Make a Wish

2 December 2009

A three channel video, sound and sculpture installation.

The project is composed of: three 46 inches galvanized steel rings on the floor, 12 inches high, which suggest containers to collect rain from a leaking roof. They are also projection surfaces with mirrors adjusted to reflect images from digital projectors above each container. A reflective wall piece titled “In Control” serves as a counterpoint to the chaos and echoes the domestic theme.

Three video sequences are synchronized to form a loop of 8 minutes and 15 seconds apiece, where rain and thunder form the continuous background we hear and see. A different event appears in each container: Waves shows coffee being stirred while radio extracts list the words most heard on the news since the events of 9.11; Economist Soup deals with social turmoil and the difficulty of assimilating all that is happening; and Maison uses a child’s nightmare of a house being flooded and invaded by sharks as a symbol to combine recent economic and ecologic events.

Images of Installation

Presented @ Gallery 119, Lowell, MA. Oct-Nov. 2009

Partial view of installation

Stills of video projection sequence 1. Waves

Stills from video projection, sequence 2. Economist Soup

Stills from video projection, sequence 3. Maison

Wall piece: In Control...


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