I create multimedia installations where sculpture, video projection, sound, photography, and refracted light echo each other within poetic and theatrical environments. Personal stories and memories intersect with events that affect us collectively, and are being transformed into new imagery, in order to visually translate intangible aspects of human experience.

My process of creation is based on transformation, and my work develops in an empirical way where one thing leads to another: an idea, a gesture, synchronicity, or an unexpected relationship between elements dictates what follows. Within that framework, the individual explorations in my artwork change over time and the vehicle I create to carry those ideas takes whatever form or symbol the ideas demand. The surrealist model of the “exquisite corpse” is a reference, although strong links in form and in content are binding the different elements together within an installation format.

For the past recent years I have explored issues related to existing in a state of perpetual personal redefinition and reinvention that occurs when living in an era of an unsettling political, social, ecological and economical climate. My present work reflects more specifically the world divide over different beliefs and values, while exploring how creativity can be a powerful tool to maintain a stable and coherent sense of identity.


4 Responses to “Artist statement”

  1. Tom Mahon said


    Reading the description of your show, I am really sorry I can’t see-hear-experience it. I’m sure it will be superb. Kudos!


  2. Steve said

    Sorry that I cannot see this but hopefully you can send me some pictures and sound so that I can get a feel of what the exhibit was like. Well done and best of luck.

  3. Marieve said

    Quel magnifique delice visuel!Bravo!

  4. Lisl Fuson said

    I am so happy to see/hear/feel your work, Denise! Powerful stuff and food for thought. I like each of the video presentations, and was especially delighted by the one involving the violin and dancing feet. So imaginative. Keep up the wonderful work, and hope to see you in Cape Breton, with my heightened appreciation of your art! Blessings!

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